September 14h, 2023.

Privacy Policy, Cookies and Data Protection – Ysos

Last update date: September 14th, 2023.

1. Respect for the personal data subject

This Privacy Policy describes how Ysos handles your personal data so that we can provide our services. Your privacy and the security of your personal data are and will always be of utmost importance to us.

Thus, we will clarify and make the reason why we handle your personal data transparent to offer an amazing and customized service according to your preferences.

Our objective is to clarify how and why we collect, store, share and use your personal data to offer this service.

Please read this policy carefully. By using the Ysos application, you acknowledge that you expressly understand and agree to the terms of this policy. In addition to the privacy policy, you can consult other regulations, our Terms and Conditions of Use in our Privacy and Data Protection Center.

2. How do we collect data and what do we collect?

Ysos may collect information:

a) Provided by you, including sensitive personal data; or

b) Automatically while using the app.

Some personal information may be obtained upon registration of your user account in the app and may also be collected in the content of your posts, provided that Ysos may collect information actively entered into the app by you, as described in the information from the register.

Aiming to use Ysos services, you must create a previous registration, at which time you voluntarily provide your data. In this way, only the data necessary for us to provide the application services are collected.  The information and personal data collected include the following:

2.1 Registration information

By downloading the app and registering an account, we may collect the following information about you:

User provided information: Types of profile you are looking for or sexual preference, your profile type or gender identity, sexual orientation, cell phone number, date of birth, profile name, email address, location (city), photo for your avatar (representative image of your profile). You will also be required to create a password in connection with your account registration. When using the app, data transmitted by the user of the Ysos app is collected, including forms, photos, messages, comments, among other forms of interaction on the platform.

To prevent abuse and ensure that the rules for shared content are being followed by the community (you can access our terms of use), Ysos uses automated decisions and moderators to confirm uploaded photos on your profile and in the app’s galleries. This moderation procedure is carried out through a combination of an automated system and our team of moderators. If an image submitted by you meets any criteria that demonstrate a probable violation of the Terms of Use, the image is moderated and should not be visible on your profile. Whenever a photo is moderated, you will receive a notification and can contact Ysos to challenge the decision via the portal holder.

Information automatically collected:

We may collect information about your device when you use the App, including device model, operating system and GPS (if you allow access to device geolocation). Under Brazilian law, in all accesses, including upon registration, the user’s IP address, time and date will be collected, which is called “application access registration.” We also collect data transmitted by the app, such as cookies, web beacons, crawlers, among others, from partners and vendors, such as the Google Play Store, App Store, Google Analytics and eventually the characteristic data of the access instrument (browser), such as websites accessed, mobile device model and operating system. We may also collect information about your device when you use the App, including device model and operating system. We collect information about how you interact with links available on Ysos, including third-party services and customers, by redirecting clicks or through other means to generate pseudonymized aggregate click statistics, such as how many times a link was clicked. This helps us optimizing our services by giving you a better understanding of your preferences. 

We also collect geolocation information to allow people close to you to be introduced, if you keep this feature active on your mobile device and, if the User wants to disable it, it is possible to change this information by accessing:

a) Android – Settings, Location, Ysos, Permissions, Location.

b) iPhone – Settings, Privacy, Location Services, Ysos.

SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA: We inform you that we collect sensitive personal data, including sexual preference, gender identity and sexual orientation. Collection is necessary for us to fulfill our role as a dating app. You can obtain information about the handling of this data at any time, applicable security measures and other information through the Privacy and Data Protection Center.

CHILDREN’S DATA: As clearly outlined in our Terms of Use, use of Ysos is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18. Our policies do not allow persons under 18 to access, register personal data, purchase or use the app in any way. We do not knowingly process children’s personal data and will endeavor to detect and delete underage profiles that use fake profiles.

If we become aware of or there is any substantiated report of records concerning children, or any person under the age of 18, we will terminate that person’s record and delete his or her profile, calling it a violation of the age policy rule. We will store, in a safe and controlled environment, for an indefinite period, the telephone number used to register users who have been banned from Ysos, to make it impossible for them to circumvent our terms and create another profile.

3. Why do we collect the data and how do we handle it?

We respect the principles set out in the General Personal Data Protection Law, among them, the principle of “purpose” and “need.” You have the right to know how we handle your data and for what purposes. With the personal data provided, we can create a better app experience and verify whether our profile records are linked to real people.

We will handle some personal data provided as public in your profile, but only those necessary for the application operation, such as your profile type or gender identity, sexual orientation, profile name, age, location (city) or geolocation in relation to other devices., following a minimum safety limit of 1 km radius. Other data, such as your date of birth, will adopt privacy by default and will be confidential. 

The personal data collected by Ysos may be used for customization and improvement of the content and/or services that will be made available to you. Knowing your preferences allows us to serve you in a much more customized manner, with more efficiency and respect, including making navigation easier.

We may also use the personal data provided to: Offer you app features and services, inform you about updates, promotions, new offers or new communication channels for any marketing campaigns, conduct research and analysis of how you use and navigate the app, resolve disputes between you and other users, protect our legal rights, investigate fraud and whistleblowing to regulate the community in accordance with our Terms of Use. You can object to this action and no longer receive marketing actions at any time.  For further information, please consult the Data Protection Privacy Center.

3.1 Accuracy and changes to your data

You can edit your registration information at any time by accessing your profile, and you are responsible for the accuracy and data you provide to the application and you must refrain from using third party personal data. The display of your profile in the “explore” screen of the app is conditioned to the submission of a photo to your profile (avatar) that complies with the terms of use of the app. If your profile photo does not meet our rules, it may be moderated and you will no longer be visible to other profiles in the app until you update your photo to a photo that is acceptable under the terms.

If there is information in your user profile that does not allow direct editing, you can request to change the information through by filling out the support form or contact our Chief Privacy Officer, through the channels described in this Policy.  

Any request involving the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data, which you are unable to change, may be requested from our Data Protection Officer, through the Privacy and Data Protection Center.

4. How and for how long do we keep your data?

At Ysos, we use security protocols that allow your information such as username, password and personal data to be encrypted and verified by the server through digital certificates.

We also use record access authentication mechanisms to ensure the individualization of the person responsible for handling the records;

We maintain a detailed inventory of accesses to the application’s access logs, containing the date and time of use from a given IP address or user ID, including for compliance with Brazilian legislation;

Ysos undertakes to collect only personal data necessary for the purposes specified in this policy, as well as information regarding connection logs and access to applications that must be stored for the legal term. The collected data must be deleted as soon as the purpose of its use is reached; or after the expiration of the period determined by legal obligation.

We may retain some personal data, even after the user has deleted the account, in a safe and controlled environment, considering the need to comply with precepts, authorities and legal provisions. In this case, we will only store the data necessary to comply with the Law. To find out what data we retain by law, please contact our Data Protection Officer. 

We may also anonymize your data for the purpose of analyzing behavior and improving our platform, without it being possible to irreversibly identify data referring to you. 

You can also initiate a request through our Privacy and Data Protection Center, requesting information about the termination of data handling and retention activities.

5. Who do we share your data with?

Some personal data collected, such as logs of access to the application (Date, time, IP, and time zone) may be forwarded according to a court order from the competent authorities. We do not provide personal data upon extrajudicial notification or requests, but only upon court order. 

Likewise, we may share data with lawyers and public authorities in the face of possible judicial or extrajudicial claims as a defense instrument, preparation of reports, collections or other procedures of interest to Ysos.

Your minimum required personal data may be shared in the following situations:

a) In cases of sharing device resources, such as GPS activation, camera access, device galleries or access to reading SMS messages, by other companies and technologies that have access to said data, such as the operating system manufacturer of the device.

b) To comply with the provisions of Brazilian legislation or to exercise our rights.

c) Service providers: For us to provide our services, we need other providers, such as messaging services, customer service (SAC) or means of payment. These are third parties that handles your data entrusted to us, strictly for the purposes we have indicated. These are companies used by Ysos to assist in our activities. Contracted service providers will only be authorized to access your information on behalf of Ysos when required to perform specific tasks and based on our direct instructions. Contractually, they will be required to maintain adequate levels of security, keeping their information confidential and secure.

Under the terms of the data protection legislation in force (LGPD), they will be jointly and severally liable in the event of a data breach. To consult the list of companies with which we share data, access the Personal Data Subject Portal.

6. What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

In accordance with Law 13.709, of August 14, 2018, known as the General Personal Data Protection Law (“LGPD”), as the holder of your personal data, you have the right to:

a) Confirm the existence and handling of data;

b) Access personal data;

c) Correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

d) Anonymize, block or eliminate the existence of excessive unnecessary data, or handled in violation of the provisions of the LGPD;

e) Data portability with third parties (except trade and industrial secrets);

f) Delete previously consented data, except in the cases provided for in Article 16 of the law;

g) Know which entities, public or private, Ysos has shared your data with;

h) Know about the possibility of not providing consent and its consequences Learn more about GDPR by accessing our Help Center.

At the end of this policy, you will be able to find our contact information or make your request through the Data Privacy and Personal Protection Center.


7. How to request information about your rights?

Our privacy policy clarifies how we handle your personal data on our platform. If you wish to request more information about our security practices and the confidentiality of your personal data, in case of questions or comments regarding this Policy, or questions regarding the handling of your personal data, you can contact us through the following channel:

Personal Data Subject Portal/form: //

*Data Protection Officer – Responsible for the Handling of Personal Data

7.1 Deadline for compliance

Any request, question or complaint about the way we handle your personal data will be received, investigated and responded to by Ysos, within a reasonable time, including violation of the rights provided for in the privacy and data protection laws in force. We will comply with the law and, in the absence of legal provisions, we will always inform you of the time frame we will need to respond to your requests.

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy

Over time, it is possible that as Ysos evolves, updates to our terms and privacy policies may be required. We will notify you any changes to be made to these terms, which in our sole and exclusive discretion are relevant, through the app. By continuing to access or use Ysos after the modifications are made, you are committed to complying with the revised terms and policies as of the date they become effective.

 The current version of the Ysos privacy policies will always be available on our Data Privacy and Protection Center.