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Big package: a man for bissexual couple

Mandy and Jerry had been discussing their desires for weeks, both craving the experience of being with a man who boasted a truly impressive endowment. After exhaustive searches on various dating apps, they finally stumbled upon a profile at ysos that caught their eye: a charming bisexual gentleman hailing from nearby who proudly claimed to have a big package.

Excited by the prospect, the duo hastily arranged to meet this mystery man at a local watering hole before heading to their favorite intimate retreat – the cozy confines of a secluded motel just outside town limits. As they sipped on cocktails and chatted away in anticipation, they couldn’t help but feel butterflies fluttering wildly within their stomachs as they contemplated what was yet to come.

When the object of their affection arrived, it quickly became apparent why he had piqued their interest. His broad shoulders, toned arms, and piercing gaze left little doubt about his masculinity or sexual prowess, and Mandy and Jerry found themselves growing increasingly breathless as he removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the rippling muscles hidden beneath.

As the night progressed, the trio retired to the privacy of the motel room, where the real action began. With each touch, kiss, and caress, Mandy and Jerry grew more and more excited, with him eagerly exploring every inch of his spectacular physique while marveling at the sheer size and girth of his big package. It wasn’t long before they were all swept up in a frenzied encounter that left them trembling and spent, completely satisfied by the thrill of having experienced something so extraordinary.

From that moment on, Mandy, Jerry, and their mysterious lover continued to explore the boundaries of desire and passion together, reveling in the joyous freedom of indulging their deepest fantasies and sharing their most intimate secrets. And though their encounters may not always be scheduled (when he is closer, he sends a message on ysos), one thing remains certain: when it comes to satisfying their needs and fulfilling their desires, these three are never ones to shy away from going after exactly what they want.

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